• - We request for Job Demand letter showing all category or workers needed and salary.
  • - We do the interview for our candidates. Selection is made after the interview.
  • - Another interview is conducted by the top Management for the selected candidates.
  • - Orientation is given to the final selected candidates.
  • - On request for some company. Skype interview will be given to selected candidates
  • - Medical/Physical Examination by company doctor will be conducted
  • - Document for the final selected candidates will be sent to the recruiting company for their selection.
  • - The company sends job offer letter to us and our candidates signs and we back
  • - Our company take loyalty contract agreement for the candidates which they sign involving family in his country of residence to avoid negative occurrences abroad.
  • - The recruiting company makes visa for selected candidates awaiting deployment.
  • - Our candidates start travelling same week after visa is released.

Normally, when we get the recruitment offer, we take 5 - 10 working days to provide the required candidates to our clients. We give 100% guarantee for all our candidates. And 99% Character check and Educational qualification.
We always demand to know the procedures as well as the terms and conditions of the companies abroad in details. Agent or companies abroad are supposed to let us know which of the job comes with free visa.
Tickets, accommodation, Feeding, etc.